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In a shocking incident in Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district, a woman’s wedding day turned into a frightening ordeal when her own family attempted to kidnap her. The bride, named Gangavaram Sneha, was forcefully dragged away by her mother, brother, and cousins despite her loud protests and resistance.

The attempted kidnapping was captured on camera, causing a stir on the internet. Sneha, dressed in a yellow saree, was seen being pulled away by her family while the groom’s relatives tried to intervene and stop them. During the struggle, a man wearing a yellow t-shirt threw what appeared to be red powder at those trying to help. It later turned out to be ground chilli powder.

Sneha fought back fiercely, kicking, screaming, and shouting as she was dragged across the wedding hall. At one point, she fell to the ground while a man tried to hold onto her. Both of them fell down together. Another man forcefully grabbed her arm and dragged her across the room.

This alarming incident took place in Kadiam, a town in Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district.

Sneha had met her now-husband, Battina Venkatanandu, during their studies in veterinary sciences at a college in Narasaraopet district. They became friends and eventually fell in love. Sneha and Venkatanandu tied the knot at the renowned Durga temple in Vijayawada on April 13. Following the temple ceremony, they planned a formal wedding celebration on April 21 at Venkatanandu’s home.

Sneha’s family was informed about the upcoming wedding ceremony, and they were invited to attend. However, on the day of the event, Sneha’s mother and relatives, including Padmavati, Charan Kumar, Chandu, and Nakka Bharat, barged into the venue while preparations were underway. They launched an attack, using chilli powder to harm others and attempted to take Sneha away against her will.

Fortunately, the groom, his family, and their friends were able to thwart the kidnapping attempt, preventing Sneha from being taken by force.