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Bizarre! Bengaluru woman denied job offer for fair skin?

In Bengalaru a women’s job application was rejected for her Fair Skin. She cleared all the levels of interview and after that she was received a email regarding rejection on basis of fair skin, The email reads, “Thank you for interviewing with us and being patient throughout the process. Unfortunately, we cannot move ahead with you for the role at this time. We found your profile relevant and all skills and qualifications match what we are looking for but we are an inclusive organisation and believe in equal opportunity for all, Your skin tone is little fair for the current team so we don’t want differences in our internal team, and we decided not to offer you’’

Is it legal???

As per the Constitution of India, Article 16, no person can be discriminated in public opportunity, then what about the Private Sector? Can they violate Fundamental Rights of citizens which are not enforceable against them?

By Horizontal application of rights it can be make enforceable against Private Body which  means that an individual can enforce their right against a private individual as well.

Should there be any specific law and rights against the discrimination done by Private bodies with the Individual? All people can’t get government job, so do Private employee need to fees this harassment?? Comment your views……………………