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Why Choose Lawminds

Targeted Audience: Reach a dedicated audience interested in

  • legal education
  • Research Work
  • Professional development

Engagement: Benefit from our platform’s high engagement

  • Ensuring your opportunities are seen
  • considered by our active community.

Brand Visibility: 

  • Enhance your brand visibility within the legal sector
  • Position your organization as a key player.

Available Plans:

You can choose from any of the following packages:

  • Plan A: ₹499/- [Publishing ad on the home page of website] 
  • Plan B: ₹999/- [Plan A + Publishing ad on the  complete website]
  • Plan C: ₹1999/- [Plan B + Publishing ads on all Social Media Handles (Whatsapp Community 1000+, Linkedin – followers of around 5000+ & Instagram]
  • Plan D : ₹2999/- [ Plan C + Mails to 5000+ students (LLB, LLM), ad on Youtube Channel with subscribers 1000+]
  • Plan E : ₹3499/- [ Plan D + Pop-Up]

All the above plan is valid for one event or for 1 month.

All above prices are exclusive of GST (18%)

How to advertise:

Please share the following details at info@lawminds.co.in in order to advertise with lawminds:

  1. Package preference
  2. Name of the Company
  3. Registered Address

Payment Terms:

  • 100% of the payment is requested in advance
  • + 18% GST

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Whom to Contact?

In case of any information or clarification

  • Call Us at 8750970582
  • Mail us as at info@lawminds.co.in
  • WhatsApp at 8750970582