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From impromptu dance performances to displays of public affection, and even occasional scuffles, the Delhi Metro has effortlessly transformed into a place that regularly raises eyebrows.

Now, a video capturing a heated argument between two women inside a Delhi Metro coach has gone viral, drawing significant attention online. The clip, which has been divided into two segments, was uploaded on Instagram by a user named Suyash Chaudhary.

In the clip, a woman dressed in a pink outfit can be seen screaming at another woman wearing a black outfit. She screams at the woman, saying, “Haa hu mai pagal (Yes I am mad)”. When the other woman asks her to tone it down, she was heard saying, “Bhauk, tujhe jitna bhaukna (shout as much as you want)”.

In another clip, the woman wearing the pink suit can be seen arguing with another passenger on the same metro coach, while another woman records the altercation. The video has sparked a debate online, with people expressing surprise and concern over the increasing number of unconventional behaviors taking place within the Delhi Metro.Punishment- When two or more persons by fighting in a public place, disturb the public peace, they are said to commit an affray.”

The punishment for committing affray is imprisonment for up to one month or fine up to one hundred rupees or both (Section 160).

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