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Seema Haider, the Pakistan national who entered India illegally with her four children via Nepal to be with her lover, was given medical assistance after she fell ill on Saturday morning. It is reported that her husband Sachin Meena also fell ill and a lawyer has reached their house in UP’s Greater Noida.

Seema and Sachin met virtually in 2019 while playing the online shooting game PUBG. This year, Seema fearlessly crossed the border — travelling from Pakistan to Dubai to Nepal — and sneaked into India. Seema Haider is on the radar of the ATS and Intelligence Bureau (IB) over her possible connections with the Pakistan Army and the country’s intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Incidentally, the duo fell ill days after being questioned multiple times by Uttar Pradesh’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). The UP ATS questioned the couple on July 18 for over nine hours. The cross-border couple was first interrogated by the UP ATS on Monday at its office in Noida and was allowed to go home about 10.30 pm.

Sources in the UP ATS told India Today that Seema Haider was previously in touch with several other people in India through PUBG. During questioning, it was revealed that Seema Haider had contacted people mostly from Delhi-NCR through PUBG.

ATS sources said that Seema Haider was asked to read a few lines in English. She not only read well, but the manner in which she read them out was impeccable.

Sources in the intel agency told India Today that Seema Haider was helped to dress and look like an Indian woman.

Seema was helped by professionals to look like a woman from rural India, and not someone from a foreign country, according to the sources. Seema’s and her children’s looks were carefully fashioned to avoid being detected by security agencies, according to the sources.

This kind of disguise is often resorted to by human traffickers to smuggle women across the Nepal border into India, officials told India Today.

On July 4, Seema Haider was arrested by local police for entering India illegally and Sachin Meena was held for sheltering illegal immigrants. However, they were both granted bail by a local court on July 7 and have been living together with her four children in a house in the Rabupura area.

Seema Haider on Friday filed a petition before President Droupadi Murmu seeking Indian citizenship. The petition, filed through Supreme Court advocate AP Singh, stated that she should be allowed to reside at the house of her husband.

During her interactions with the media, Seema said she does not wish to go back to Pakistan and wants to live with Sachin. She also claimed to have turned a Hindu. She has also requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath not to send her back, reiterating that she was not a spy.

Punishment- detain a person until they are deported back to their country, this is  also reiterated by Karntaka High Court in one of their judgement, that if the person should be detained till deported back to country still seema is not detained. Comment your views regarding this on video

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