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Several Supreme Court Lawyers Seek Removal Of SCBA President Over Letter To CJI Against Farmers Protest

New Delhi: Members of the Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association have distanced themselves from President Adish C Aggarwala’s letter to the Chief Justice of India, urging suo motu action against “erring farmers” in the context of the ongoing farmers’ protest. The majority of Executive Committee members have expressed disagreement with the earlier communication sent by Senior Advocate Adish C Aggarwala to the Chief Justice of India. In a formal resolution, the committee stated, “This letter has been issued by the President unilaterally without any consultation with the members of the Executive Committee. The letter, written on the Supreme Court Bar Association letterhead, gives the incorrect impression that it is written on behalf of the Supreme Court Bar Association. We do not agree with the contents of the letter and disassociate ourselves from this letter.” The President’s letter to the Chief Justice of India suggested that farmers should avoid inconveniencing the general public with their protests, proposing that the Supreme Court should take suo motu action to prevent disruptions.