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In a troubling event that unfolded in Delhi’s Paharganj area, a group of thugs barged into a man’s hotel room and robbed him. The incident came to light when a user and journalist named Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj shared the story on a social media platform. According to her account, the thugs forcefully entered the man’s room, slapped him, and demanded money.

Bhardwaj recounted the ordeal in a tweet, stating, “Received a distress call from a friend. Her colleague, visiting Delhi for a conference near Paharganj, opted for a budget hotel to store his luggage while attending the event. Upon returning to retrieve his belongings, a group of 4-5 thugs, accompanied by a woman who undressed immediately, stormed into his room. Before he could comprehend the situation, he was subjected to physical assault by these individuals.”

She went on to explain, “They proceeded to take photographs of him with the woman and issued threats of publicizing them if he spoke out. He was coerced into paying 15,000 rupees to secure his release. Despite the ordeal, he refrained from reporting the incident to the authorities, fearing potential involvement of the police. Instead, he complied with their demands and hastily departed.”

This incident echoes a pattern of reluctance among victims to report crimes. In another instance, a woman from Bengaluru shared her harrowing experience of being sexually harassed by a man. She detailed the incident on a social media platform and even posted a video of the perpetrator, who concealed his identity.

However, despite the distressing encounter, the woman opted against filing a formal complaint. “I am unable to lodge an FIR due to the daunting prospect of the legal process,” she expressed in her post. “The thought of enduring numerous court proceedings and associated challenges was overwhelming, as suggested by my neighbors who came to my aid.”

These accounts shed light on the complexities and barriers faced by individuals when attempting to seek justice after experiencing criminal activities. The fear of reprisal, intimidation, and the arduous legal procedures often dissuade victims from pursuing formal avenues for redressal, highlighting the need for improved support mechanisms and reforms in the justice system.