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In Karnataka, the Cabinet took a significant step on Friday by approving an ordinance that mandates commercial establishments and business shops in the state to prominently feature 60% Kannada language on their signboards. The ordinance, known as the Kannada Language Comprehensive Development (Amendment), received the Cabinet’s approval during their recent meeting.

Emphasizing the importance of adherence to these regulations, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated, “People must comply with the rules, and those who choose to disregard them will face consequences. I want to make this clear to everyone. I urge all organizations and activists not to take matters into their own hands,” he conveyed to reporters.

Additionally, it was disclosed that an amendment to section 17(6) of the Kannada Language Comprehensive Development Act (KLCDA) – 2022 would be introduced. This act had been promulgated by the previous BJP government on March 10, 2023, just before the assembly elections.

The decision follows recent incidents where members of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) caused a stir in the city by vandalizing name boards in English. Disturbing visuals circulated, showing group members blackening nameplates and causing unrest in the city. Notably, they specifically targeted the newly inaugurated Phoenix Mall of Asia, which has been ordered to be closed until January 15 due to traffic-related concerns.