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In a distressing incident, a 20-year-old student faced molestation by an Uber driver in Guwahati.

The unsettling event transpired on January 1st at 6 pm when the student booked an Uber bike to travel from West Jyoti Nagar to Lachit Nagar.

The alleged Uber assailant is identified as Bijoy Haloi, with vehicle registration number AS01FE9202.

The victim, exclusively sharing her account of the incident, recounted that it took place near Krishna Nagar behind the Assam Engineering Institute. The accused rider purportedly touched her private parts. Upon confronting him, the rider offered excuses, claiming he was adjusting his pants and not attempting to touch her.

Despite the victim’s insistence to stop the vehicle, the rider refused to comply.

“I asked him to stop the scooty, but he wasn’t doing that, so I had to take off my helmet and hit him. Then I had to scream and shout for help so that people gathered around me. Doing that helped me as people gathered to help me, following which he stopped the vehicle. I also had to prevent him from eloping away,” stated the 20-year-old.

Locals intervened, assisting the victim in the distressing situation, and subsequently alerted the police. She filed a complaint, leading to the accused being taken into custody for 24 hours. Additionally, the victim lodged a complaint on Uber’s official site.

Such incidents are reportedly increasing in Guwahati, with regular users of ride-sharing services facing challenges such as harassment, demands for extra payment, misbehavior, and molestation.