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The police held a press conference on Tuesday, April 23rd, where they revealed that they had arrested eight people in connection with a disturbing murder case. Among those arrested was the son of a local leader from the BJP party, Prakash Bakale. This son, named Vinayak Bakale, was from Prakash Bakale’s first marriage. Shockingly, Vinayak Bakale had allegedly paid someone to kill his own father, step-brother, and step-mother due to a dispute over property.

The incident took place in Gadag, Karnataka, where four people, including the son of a BJP leader, were killed by hired killers on February 19th, around 2:30 am. However, it was revealed that the intended targets were not the ones who lost their lives. Instead, the killers mistakenly attacked the son of the BJP leader and three other individuals who were visiting the house at the time. Among those killed was a 17-year-old girl.

According to the police, Vinayak Bakale had offered a sum of money to a person named Fairoz Khazi to carry out the murders. He had already paid Khazi Rs. 65 lakhs and an additional Rs. 2 lakhs in advance. The plan was to eliminate his family members, but it went horribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of innocent guests.

The Inspector General of Police for North Karnataka, Vikas Kumar, stated that eight individuals had been apprehended in connection with the murders. An investigation into the case was ongoing, with the police working diligently to uncover the truth behind the heinous crime. Vinayak Bakale was identified as the mastermind behind the plot, driven by a property dispute and resentment towards his family members.

The contract killers mistakenly targeted three members of the Hadimani family who were visiting the Bakales, believing them to be Prakash Bakale, his wife, and his son Kartik Bakale. They brutally murdered the guests, and when Kartik Bakale, who was sleeping downstairs, heard the commotion and rushed to investigate, he too fell victim to the attackers.

The police swiftly launched an investigation into the incident, forming specialized teams to crack the case. Within four days, they had made significant progress and managed to apprehend the perpetrators. It was revealed that Vinayak Bakale’s motive for the murders stemmed from his frustration at being prevented from selling a property that belonged to his step-brother, Kartik Bakale. This led him to orchestrate the sinister plan to have his family members killed.

In summary, what initially appeared to be a straightforward murder case took a shocking turn when it was revealed that the mastermind behind the killings was none other than the son of a prominent political figure. The tragic consequences of Vinayak Bakale’s actions not only resulted in the loss of innocent lives but also exposed the dark underbelly of family disputes and greed. However, thanks to the swift action of the police, justice was served, and those responsible were brought to account for their crimes.