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Terms and Quidelines

  • Use of laptop is recommended
  • Certificate will be provided if you score more than 80% (more than 95 out of 120) marks.
  • Make sure you have good internet.
  • Make sure you have proper electricity or your laptop is fully charged.
  • Internet or connection problems will not be entertained.
  • You can submit your Quiz any time.
  • Quiz will be automatically submitted as soon as time ends.
  • After submitting, don’t close your window, your answers will be evaluated
  • Marks will be shown soon there ifself after clicking submit button.
  • If you close your window before your marks are shown, we will not be responsible for your result.
  • If you have any technical problem during the quiz, please take a screenshot or screen recording and send us at info@lawminds.co.in
  • There is a next button and previous button to change the question
  • There is a question number button to directly jump to any question of your choice.
  • Quiz will be in English language only.
  • Red Button means questions are pending to be answered.
  • Green Button means questions are answered.