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CfP: International Conference on IPR and Business Law by Dr. R.K.B. Law College, Dibrugarh [Online; Free; March 13-14]: Register by Feb 20!

Submissions invited for the International Conference on IPR and Business Law by Dr. R.K.B. Law College, Dibrugarh. Register by Feb 30!

About the Conference

The two glorious law colleges of Assam namely, Dr. Rohini Kanta Barua Law College of Dibrugarh and Nowgong Law College of Nagaon in its joint venture and collaboration with Aequitas Victoria Foundation in pursuit of academic excellence purposes to organize the International Conference on 13th and 14th March 2024 after accomplishing the first edition of the joint venture in the form of a National Seminar organized in April 2022.

The Conference is intended to disseminate awareness on the role of IPR in protecting the rights of the creators/ inventors and thereby act as a catalyst for the expansion of IP in different disciplines of human civilization. It is also intended to create a platform for discussion on the impact of IP on the socio-economic development of a country and thereby stimulate innovations.

At the same time, the dynamics and complexities of the corporate world are ever-increasing. Various factors such as pressure for internalization, competition, technological advancement, disruptive technological intervention in markets, developments in the financial and securities market, changes in consumer demands, etc. have necessitated regular review and amendments in the existing legal framework connected with the corporate world.

So, the organizers welcome the academicians, researchers, professionals, etc. working in different fields of IP and the corporate sector to come forward and share their research work having novelty on important issues for the benefit of all.

The Conference will be organized in two phases where the first phase will be dedicated to discussions on emerging challenges on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the contemporary globalized world and the second phase will be dedicated to discussions on the future concerns for business lawyers. The first phase will be held on March 13, 2024, and the second phase will be held on March 14, 2024.

Objective of the Conference

The seminar is intended to offer an opportunity to share insight with experts and participants from various sectors covering IP and corporate laws. To enhance new ideas that could help presenters advance their research and forge new professional relationships.

Expected Outcomes

Acquaint with the current issues of corporate and competition law in the contemporary world. Innovations and applications of advanced ideas in business or organizational sectors. Socio-economic benefits through strong and enforced Intellectual Property Rights.

Call for Papers

Dr. R.K.B. Law College and Nowgong Law College in collaboration with Aequitas Victoria Foundation invite scholarly papers on the theme “Optimizing Intellectual Property Rights in the Globalized World and Unleashing the Emerging Challenges of the Corporate Laws” for the 2-days International Conference to be held on March 13 & 14, 2024.


    • Evolution of the concepts of Intellectual Property and Business Studies; Historical Perspectives;
    • Theoretical aspects of Intellectual Property and Theories of Business Laws; Business Administration; Management; etc. and their relevance in the modern world;
    • Emerging Trends in the regimes of IP and corporate field;
    • Traditional Knowledge of Local Communities and their contribution to cultural heritage;
    • Challenges in IP enforcement in India;
    • Cyber Threat in the IP and corporate sector;
    • Interface between IPR and Competition Law/Policy in India;
    • IP and Sustainable Development;
      • The blend of Geographical Indication with regional economic development;
      • Contribution of women in innovative policies under IP and corporate regime;
      • Changing dimensions of public interest under IP and corporate sector;
      • Comparative analysis of IP over corporations between traditional and contemporary world;
      • Indian Education System and its adaptability for building efficient Business Ventures;
      • Corporate Social Responsibility; Public Liability; Environmental concerns for doing Business; Insurance; Labor Welfare and other Labor-related topics;
      • Gender Perspectives in Business;
      • Establishment of Companies; Entrepreneurship; Start-ups; NGO’s and Local Self-Groups and their business criteria and process;
      • Make in India; Atmanirbhar Bharat; Digital India; Look-East Policy; etc. and their relevance in doing Business in India;
      • The post-pandemic scenario of innovations in Intellectual Property and Corporate Sector in India;
      • Global policies and avenues for doing Business; Foreign Deposit Investments; World Economic Order; Global flow of currency; Blockchain; Cryptocurrency; etc.
      • Any other relevant issues relating to IP laws for business innovation.

      All the above themes are not exhaustive. The scholars are free to choose any other topic that falls within the domain of the main theme.

      Formatting Guidelines

        • The length of the paper shall not be less than 3,000 words and more than 5,000 words;
        • The paper shall have an abstract of a maximum of 250 words with four to six keywords;
        • The Heading of the paper shall be typed in Capital, Bold, Font Size 16, Times New Roman, Central Aligned;
        • The main body shall be in Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Line Spacing 1.5, Justified Aligned;
      • Sub-headings shall be in Bold but shall not be in the capital with Font Size 12, Line Spacing 1.5, Justified Aligned;
      • Sub-Sub Headings shall be in italics with Font Size 12, Line Spacing 1.5, Justified Aligned,
      • Sub-sub-sub-Headings shall be numbered with Roman numerical;
      • Images shall be Central Aligned and with clarity and authorities shall be duly cited wherein case if images are self-created then such shall be mentioned in the Footnote Section;
      • All charts and tables shall be center-aligned and the authorities shall be duly cited;
      • OSCOLA 4th Edition shall be used for citation and footnotes in Times New Roman, Font Size 10, Justified aligned, and Single Line Spacing.
      • Who can Participate?

      The Seminar is multidisciplinary. The Judges, Advocates, Academicians irrespective of any discipline, Research Scholars, Students, or any other professionals who have done any research or any activities in the field of Intellectual Property or Corporate Affairs can participate in this seminar.

      How to Register?

      Interested candidates may register for the seminar through the link provided at the end of this post.

      Registration Fees

      There is no Registration Fee for this Seminar.

      Registration Details

      All participants including Paper Presenters are required to register and Paper Presenters shall separately submit their papers through the submit button.



      Important Dates

      • Date of Release of the Call for Papers: February 12, 2024
      • Last Date for Registration: February 20, 2024
      • Last Date for Paper Submission: March 05, 2024
      • Date for Confirmation of Selected Papers: March 11, 2024
      • Date of Seminar: March 13 & 14, 2024


      • Suggestions and inputs from Experienced and Learned Panelists
      • All the Paper Presenters shall be provided with an e-Certificate of Presentation
      • Selected top 20 papers shall be published in the Journal: Annual International Journal on Intellectual Property and Corporate Affairs (AIJIPCA)
      • The next 30 selected papers shall be published in an ISBN Book
      • All participants will be provided with a participation certificate

      Contact Details:

      Dr. Jayanta Borua: 8876991662 (WhatsApp)

      Click here to register.

      Click here for official notification.

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