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  • An Anganwadi worker suffered nasal injuries allegedly at the hands of a person following an incident where children innocently plucked flowers from his property. The incident unfolded on January 1 in Basurte village, Belagavi.
  • According to reports, the Anganwadi children inadvertently plucked flowers from a neighboring house’s land on their way back while returning from the toilet.
  • Kalyani More, the landowner, who was returning from his farm, witnessed the act and, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, responded impulsively. He immediately struck the nose of the Anganwadi worker, Sugandha More, resulting in bleeding. She was swiftly taken to the hospital for urgent medical attention.
  • Police said that Sugandha More and Kalyani More are relatives. Police have taken cognizance of the incident and registered a case. The victim is reported to be out of danger.